Filters allow you to build complex SQL like queries without any special syntax. When you filter your data set, only the matching rows will be displayed, and exportable. By default, filters are case sensitive. 


Filters with Regex:
You can filter with Regex Match by selecting the filter icon, then select the column you wish to filter. Next, select “Regex Match”, and input your desired search string. After applying the filter, you will see only datapoints with the desired string. Please note, if the string is within a larger string, the data will be shown. Say you type “street”, all addresses with the word “street” will show up.



You can use AND and OR functions to create nested queries. This means you can apply more specific filters for your dataset. You can include datapoints that follow several “and” statements to really refine your search. Or, you could use “or” statements, to widen your search. 


Date / Time Support:

Gigasheet allows you to filter your date-time formatted data. This means you can filter dates by before a certain date, after a certain date, or between a range of dates. This can allow users to filter out data that is too old, or get data from a specific range of time. To do this, simply click the filter button, select the column that contains your date-time formatted data, determine whether you want before, after, or a range of dates. Then input your desired date to filter by. 


Gigasheet also allows you to explode a date. Meaning, you can pull the day of the week from any date-time formatted date. For more information on exploding data, see this article. Once you have done this, you can filter to only include certain days of the week.


Multi-Value Filters:

Multi-Value filters allow you to filter data with multiple filter values. Having multiple values works essentially like several “or” filters within one column. Say, for example, you want email addresses that contain either the domain, or the domain. To do this, we simply filter the email column to only contain values that have these domains. We would do this by entering these two domain strings separately, by hitting enter to separate the values.


IP RFC 1918:

Gigasheet also allows users to apply filters to IP addresses. 

See the How to Page for step-by-step visual instructions.

See this video for more information on filtering in gigasheet.