Users can add, subtract, multiply, divide, or raise exponential column values by either numbers, or by another column’s values. 

Note: Calculations and aggregations are two separate functionalities. To learn more about aggregations, click here. 

How to Calculate:

The math function allows users to create new columns of data with math operations. You can find these operations under Functions > Calculations.



To do so, simply select the column you wish to operate on (column data must be in number format), select the operation you want to execute on the column, and enter the number or column you want to use as the operand. If you select a column as the operand then operations will be done row by row.


Selecting a column of numbers, then the “+” operator, and a second column of numbers will add the two columns together row by row.

See this video for more information on using the calculations function in Gigasheet!