Folders and Sheet Management

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The primary goal of folders and sheet management in Gigasheet is to keep electronic files organized and easy to find. This is achieved through the use of file naming conventions, folder structures, and metadata that help to classify and categorize files. File management also involves setting up access controls and security measures to protect files from unauthorized access or modification. 


Folder Properties 

To create a folder in Gigasheet, you must be logged in and on the datasets page. Next, select the yellow “+NEW” button in the top right corner. Next, select “folder”. Input the desired name for your folder, and click save. Congratulations, you have successfully created a folder. You can rename the folder at any time by clicking the three dots on the right hand side of the folder. Then select “folder”, and edit the name and save it.

To move, delete, or share a folder, select the dotted icon of the folder in the library: 

Sheet Properties

Sheet properties allow you to access the various actions that you can apply to a sheet. At this time, you cannot create a new sheet. Currently, the functionalities include: 

Open File: Opens the sheet

File Properties: Allows you to rename the sheet, description, check size, row and column #. For more information, visit here. 

Share: Allows you to share a sheet s with a email

Copy File: Creates a duplicate copy of you sheet

Delete: Deletes the sheet permanently. Note, this cannot be UNDONE. 

Export: Exports the sheet to the library so it can be downloaded in CSV format

Search in Library

To search files in your library, type in the search box on the top right. Note that shared files are not yet included in the search results.

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