Often, in the Gigasheet workflow, users have hidden certain columns and filtered down to a certain row set, creating a view that's a slice of the total data set. Either because they want to do follow-on analysis on just the sliced result set, or perhaps for distribution purposes, they want to save off this view as a separate sheet. 

Use "Save As" button to save a copy of the sheet to a new sheet. You can also save a subsection of one sheet as a new sheet.

To do this, choose File -> Save As

You'll be given the option to name the sheet, and choose which folder in your library it should go.

The new sheet will be created in your library, and can now be opened, analyzed, and shared like any other sheet. 

Name: Name you would like the saved copy of your sheet to be

Folder: Where the new sheet will be located within your library 

Keep Current Share Settings: Selecting this option will allow you to keep the same share settings to the new sheet as the original sheet

Flatten File: Flatten file will apply any groups and filters to the new file. For more information on how this works, visit this article.