Cross File VLookup allows you to cross correlate two sheets. You’ll find this function under the Functions menu. Select the column you want to match on in the first sheet, and then select the sheet to search and its column. Gigasheet will add a new column to the original file with true (when a match was found) or false (when no match was located).

To get to the Cross File VLookup, 

Login to Gigasheet > open a Sheet > select Functions > select Cross File Vlookup

Once Cross File Vlookup is selected, a pop-up to select the columns will appear: 

Select Column: Select column allows you to select the column on the current sheet to conduct the Vlookup.

Select lookup file: Select lookup file allows you to browse your Gigasheet library for the file to to conduct the Vlookup.

Select lookup column: Once you have the file selected, select the second column to conduct the Vlookup against.

Include: Allows to ignore or include near match. Allowing near match will include case sensitivity, punctuation, and whitespace.

New Column(s) Content: Value means Gigasheet will insert a new column into the existing sheet. True/False means Gigasheet will insert TRUE in a new column when the value is found between the columns. 

Additional Columns: Gives you the option to add any additional columns from the browsed sheet